Torsades de Pointes

Prolonged  Q-T Syndrome

Cardiology Reports

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Cardiology reports before and after the 5/5/2001 Torsades sudden cardiac death
3Cscan0001.jpg (266413 bytes) This Cardiology report was 24 years ago and some of these problems were only recently diagnosed. In addition to Torsades (diagnosed 2001) they found Raynauds (diagnosed 1984), Fibromyalgia (diagnosed 2004), hypostatic intolerance (diagnosed 12/2006), Sjogrens (diagnosed 11/2009), Reiter's syndrome gene HLA-B27 (diagnosed 4/2009), Crohn's disease (diagnosed 11/2009), Narrow Angle Glaucoma (diagnosed 10/2009), Addison's (9/2009) and the headaches were caused by an allergy to natural gas (from pilots and cooking, diagnosed in 2004. Now live in an all electric home free of headaches). The remaining problems were due to severe vitamin deficiency. This is an example of how difficult it is to diagnose multiple weird symptoms. Doctors tend to try to tie the symptoms into one cause. The real difficulty is when the symptoms are caused my multiple problems. No one knows where to start. Now that I have been diagnosed, the treatments for many of these problems were similar since many of these are due to overactive immune system problems. But only full diagnoses of these problems finally allowed us to come up with a medicine treatment plan which reduced the crippling pain and medical conditions I had been subjected to. If you think dealing with a list of medical problems this extensive is bad... try being in the shoes of the patient who has to live like this. Only one simple drug was needed to reduce the symptoms of most of these problems.
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11/10/2000 12/13/2001 4/2/2001 7/5/2001


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