Torsades de Pointes

Prolonged  Q-T Syndrome

Overiew of Medications which induce Torsades


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Overview of Medications, which are known or suspected to induce Torsades Sudden Cardiac death and prolonged Q-T symptoms:

I think you should rely on my drug list rather than those on the link to another site. Check my comments on each drug with which I have had personal experience.  At least you are getting this info from a genuine Torsades patient who has taken these drugs where indicated in my notes on my drug list pages.  The other site only lists good drugs as bad; which have never caused me any reactions.  Yet, their list omits the bad killer drugs. However, each person reacts differently & caution should  be exercised with each. Avoid the known killer drugs I have listed as deadly. Take no chances with those drugs.

Several known and suspected medications have been omitted from the official Torsades lists due to political pressure, enticements or intimidation by the pharmaceutical corporations. Zomig is one of them. It literally killed me & I had to be resuscitated. That was 2001. They are still free of the Torsades list. Hydralazine is another. They know about it but all I got was some vague warning about possible  mild tachycardia. I have a defibrillator/pacemaker so I wasn't worried. I suffered rapid onset of violent tachycardia after taking this new BP drug. My heart reached 171 bpm  before I was able to finally stop the attack with Imdur ER, Benadryl, Bystolic (Beta Blocker) & finally Nitro. I suffered horribly. The entire ordeal was recorded by my implant.

Droperidol nearly killed me during an endoscopic exam  in 1991. Ten years before I knew I had Torsades. The doctor failed to heed my instructions when I specified "Vistaril only" to prevent morphine cramps. After the deadly episode begun he said it was "like" Vistiril. That isn't good enough.  He nearly didn't stop  the attack with the benadryl.  That was the first Torsades episode where I had the sensation of suffocation & wanting to peel off my skin & run down the hall. A peculiar Torsades experience which I've heard others say. See why you need a qualified anesthesiologist? There's no reason to suffer awake through these procedures. Doctors always think they know better than you do.

I was really shocked to find Benadryl on the list today. I use Benadryl as a  Torsades episode preventative & have never had any trouble with it. I use plain benadryl tablets quite frequently with no reactions. I wonder if someone used the combo form with decongestant. 

I was also surprised to see Vistaril on the list. I always used Vistaril in conjunction with morphine to prevent severe stomach Cramps. I never had a problem with it.  But everyone has different reactions.  I'm also protected by an implant. But I still suffer reactions to bad drugs.  

Sad as it is, we must also consider the fact that someone else could be tampering with your medicines. It has happened before. Tell someone. Use concealed cameras if you suspect this is the case & don't use any med, food or liquid someone could have tampered with. Report it if you are sure. Get tested for things like heavy metals. This is particular common when someone has become pregnant & the father is a prominent celebrity, politician, athlete,  wealthy, Executive, doctor, married, etc. Someone who can't risk bad publicity. So consider your risk to be very grave if you are in this situation. If you trap someone by pregnancy, you may not like the consequences.

I cant believe Pepsid is listed as well. As is Lasix. I've taken both recently. The same with immodium  and Flagyl. I take these all the time. I can' t believe they are on there. 

Propoful (Diprivan) is the Only anesthesia I allow for surgery. I have used it safely many times. Never had any problems with it. Just because Michael Jackson abused it, does not make it a bad drug. Just look at what he did to himself. He was once very handsome during Thriller.

But Nexium I don't trust for other reasons. I've seen it tied to pancreatic cancer patients too many times.  Including my late spouse. 

I've also taken Cipro, Levaquin, Bactrim, Diflucan & Biaxin  thousands of times without problems.  Only Cipro had a mild response once or twice by IV which was alleviated with Nitro.

The drugs I have listed are a composite from various informational medical lists. (Additionally, those additional drugs which are known to me to cause Torsades or sudden death by personal experience, will also be included.) Not all drugs are shown by brand names because the list is extensive and other countries such as Canada use different brand names but the generic drug name will be the same.

Are you going to listen to a documented Torsades patient, engineer & scientist with over 40 years  personal Torsades experience or a bunch of bureaucrats who haven't a clue?  Nor do most doctors & hospitals for thus matter. I'm trying to save lives & help people get to the right doctors for a proper diagnosis..

Doctors should utilize all available sources of information to check on any medication prior to prescribing to a Torsades or prolonged Q-T patient. Use common sense and caution with any medication prescribed. Doctors and patients should not fear prevent treatment for ailments. By checking each medication on the Torsades list prior to taking any medicine you can prevent the fatal outcome. Physicians can also contact the patientís electrophysiologist for additional information. Few Cardiologists can recognize this condition, so a healthy heart is not necessarily safe from Torsades.

Don't ever let anyone install a picc line if you have Torsades. I can't think of anything dumber than  pouring IV drugs directly onto your heart. Instant death. You would not have time to grab your nitro. People have died after the Picc line was removed because it allowed the heart to suck in air on  patients who didn't have Torsades. So what do you think it could do to you? Those patients were being discharged because they were recovering & died because of an unnecessary Picc line. Not to mention the danger of introducing bacteria directly into the heart via the picc line insertion  & delivery. The only time it would be useful would be if you had a heart infection. Even then, it could still kill you.  Some doctors don't agree  about the hazards of Picc lines  (they never had one or even watched the process of inserting one.) but I'm trying to keep us all alive.

Use a regular IV in your arm if you can. Despite what any doctor or nurse says (who've never had a picc), don't allow a Picc line if you believe you have Torsades. Or even if you don't. It is utter insanity and deadly to everyone. Just because ICU likes them does not  mean you have to comply. Use a regular IV. Just say no to Picc. They may get mad. So what? They can't make you. I said no. And the nurse who was  marking my chest using  Ultra sound for insertion gave me a reassuring look to let me know I was making the right choice. It is dangerous & deadly. She knew it. You have regular IV as an alternative.  You have the right to refuse medicines & procedures. You also have the right to leave the hospital at any time. But make sure you are well enough & your doctor or a clinic can help you recover. Many insurers wont pay for a second hospital stay (even in the same hospital) for 48-72 hours after your departure. Be sure to read your policy rules.  However, go to a different hospital next time. I don't recommend Baylor, Kaiser or Methodist. I also  advise no HMO or POS plans as soon as you can change. PPO & PFFS are best.  You have no rights of choice with an HMO or POS. They send nasty notes to your doctor behind your back. It is Ludicrous. They even argue about dosages & brands. The nurses call POS piece of sht.

Don't let anyone bully or scare you whether a nurse, doctor, family member or friend. It is your life. 

I overheard that same hospital ER tell a black woman in her 50's who was having stroke symptoms that a CT scan could give her cancer. I had to laugh because I've had over 300 ct scans. Over 20 in the past 12 months. They were talking about 1 scan causing cancer trying to scare her out of it. Probably no insurance or medicaid & welfare based on their reactions. When I challenged them they said she had been there for the same problem a week earlier. I said that didn't mean she didn't have a problem. It meant they failed to find it. Just like the clots they failed to find in me when I told them where they were located due to type & location of pain & swelling of one leg.  Which both clots ended up in my lung. One just last month after suffering 2 months of excruciating back pain & leg swelling.

Not all Torsades patients will react negatively to every drug listed but all of the drugs listed have the potential or are known to cause Torsades. Some Torsades drug triggers are dose related. IV drugs and injections are the highest risk to Torsades patients and may cause instant cardiac death. Conversely, oral medications may not cause a Torsades reaction for 8 to 24 or more hours (as it  did in my case), which makes it difficult for the patient or physician to link the medication as the cause of a Torsades episode. Although some drugs can be tolerated orally, the same drug by IV or injection can cause immediate death. 

Hydralazine is a pill or injection  for Blood Pressure & within 20-30 minutes I had sudden onset of tachycardia which reached 171 bpm  before I was able to stop it. I suffered horribly & it took everything I had to stop the attack; Imdur ER, Benadryl, double Bystolic beta blocker & Sublingual Nitro spray. I should have used Nitro first.  The others take too long to be useful on short notice.


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