Torsades de Pointes

Prolonged  Q-T Syndrome

 Actual Holter Monitor Recording Images

 of my Torsades Sudden Cardiac Death


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  • Holter Monitor was started at home at 11:55 AM 5/4/2001

  • Zomig was also taken at 11:55 AM. No other medicines were taken.

  • Zomig was taken again at 8 PM. No other medicines were taken.

  • Some sporadic abnormalities noted at intermittent periods

  • Torsades attack began at 7:42 AM the following morning. (See Onset image thru last image)

  • Alternated between slow heart rate, wide QRS, VPB, AV Block, V-Tac, Fibrillation and flatline

  • Signature Torsades Rhythm began at 8:09 AM until 8:11 when Flatline began again

  • CPR by EMT Paramedic teams began 8:11 AM (remained conscious until defib shock)

  • Holter Monitor Leads removed at 8:15 AM by EMT's to apply defibrillator paddles & subsequent heart punch

  • Regained consciousness after heart punch & transported to Hospital

  • ZERO coronary damage resulted from this Sudden Cardiac Death. No Cardiac enzymes elevated on Blood tests.

  • All cardiac tests performed after heart settled down, were completely normal as they had been prior to episode.

  • St Jude AIDC (Defibrillator/pacemaker) implanted on 5/10/2001

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Profiles Timelines Sporadic abnormalities (Onset) VPB - SVPB Wide QRS
3scan006.jpg (403885 bytes) 3scan007.jpg (398908 bytes) 3scan008.jpg (421957 bytes) 3scan009.jpg (428809 bytes) 3scan010.jpg (423019 bytes)
Slow heart rate VPB - AV Block VPB - VTAC VTAC VTAC - Flatline
3scan011.jpg (437104 bytes) 3scan012.jpg (433930 bytes) 3scan013.jpg (434140 bytes) 3scan014.jpg (436790 bytes) 3scan015.jpg (442097 bytes)
VPB - VTAC - Torsades VTAC - Torsades Flatline - CPR CPR -fib CPR-Fib



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