Torsades de Pointes

Prolonged  Q-T Syndrome

Actual Hospital Admission & Discharge Reports 

following my Torsades Sudden Cardiac Death


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Sudden cardiac arrest occurred on 5/5/01, just 10 days after the cardiologist performed a heart catheter exam after which he had insisted I had no heart problems despite the fact that I had been suffering from sporadic attacks of chest pain for 3 years. Despite the physicians declaration that there was nothing wrong with my heart and every imaginable test had been normal, I demanded a holter monitor to prove I was having these attacks. They humored my request and when I expressed the concern that Zomig might have been causing the attacks on the days I had forgotten to take my Imdur, I was told to go ahead and take the Zomig without the Imdur during the 24 hour Holter test. 20 hours into the test and 12 hours after taking the last Zomig, I went into Sudden Cardiac Death. I was defibrillated by the paramedics and taken to the hospital. Initially, the doctors did not know why Zomig had caused the sudden cardiac death and thought it was some unexplained coronary spasms and performed every test imaginable including an electrophysiologic study of the hearts electrical conduction. I was admitted to the ICU on 5/5/01 after being defibrillated and resuscitated by the EMT's. I was transferred to a second hospital on 5/8/01 and implanted with a defibrillator/pacemaker.

It was only after the entire cardiology group met in conference to reanalyze and perform a more thorough review of my holter monitor recordings, that they finally realized I had survived a Torsades de Pointes attack brought on by the Zomig. Since the diagnosis is so rare, no one had ever seen a holter monitor recording of a Torsades death before, much less have the patient survive. Most physicians have never seen a known Torsades patient and even those Torsades patients were only diagnosed after a family member died from Torsades. Those surviving family members are usually implanted with defibrillators as a preventative measure and it is these rare family members who the few doctors encounter. I don't know of any other patients other than myself (from what I have been told) who survived a Torsades sudden cardiac death without an implanted defibrillator, but if there are any other survivors, I would be interested in hearing their stories.

These are the hospital reports from my sudden cardiac death before they realized it was Torsades related. During my hospital stay they initially thought, once again, that it was coronary spasms caused by Zomig until one of the cardiologists finally recognized the Torsades signature rhythm on the holter recording. I am sharing these to help educate doctors and patients about this condition because I believe it is much more prevalent than believed by the medical community. They simply do not have any effective means to diagnose the condition unless someone dies while wearing a holter monitor as I did. It does not show up on an autopsy either. 

It is my firm belief that Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel both died from Torsades. Methadone is one of the drugs which will kill someone with Torsades. It runs in families and does not require toxic levels to kill. A prescription dosage of many common medications can be fatal. The two modeling sisters in Brazil who died within 5 months from heart attacks may also have had this problem but I would have to know more about any drugs they might have been taking to make that determination. Many street drugs such as cocaine will also cause a Torsades sudden death but so will antibiotics and tricyclic antidepressants, so the deaths are not due to drug abuse or overdose, they are due to a rare cardiac electrical fibrillation from a rare reaction to any Torsades drugs.

Names, places and personal info have been deleted from the physician & hospital reports.

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Admission evaluation in ICU following cardiac arrest 05/05/01 Transfer Discharge diagnosis 05/08/01
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Transfer admission report 5/8/01 Discharge Diagnosis 5/13/01


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