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Recommended books on Prescription drugs:

I recommend that everyone who takes prescription medication should own a copy of "The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs" which is published each year. (Paperback version) This is very important, because your medicines may be interacting with something else you have taken or you may be having side effects which you do not realize are related to the medicines... such as blood pressure medicines causing back pain and stomach distress. If you can only afford one book, this one is the one to buy. The PDR is not nearly as good or informative.

If you can afford a second book, it would not hurt to also have a copy of the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) (Paperback version) which is the official book on medications but not nearly as informative or easy for the average person to read, nor is it as honest and forthcoming about drug side effects because Pharmaceutical companies control the information for the products they choose to present in the PDR. The Essential guide is much more honest and informative about medications and simple to understand and does list when a drug has been known to cause problems with Torsades and other medical conditions. Be sure to buy the most recent copies of both. They are available in paperback for much cheaper.

I highly recommend the Essential Guide to Prescription drugs for physicians as well. You will be amazed at how much more helpful it is than a PDR... and contrary to what your medical professors told you, the PDR does NOT show ALL prescription drugs. I won a bet with one of my doctors on that subject. It was not his fault because that is what they had been told in medical school and residency.



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