Torsades de Pointes

Prolonged  Q-T Syndrome

Cardiac Stress Tests

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These are my cardiac stress tests before and after my Torsades sudden cardiac death on May 2001. As you will notice in the documents, I complained about chest pains and shortness of breath for years before I was finally diagnosed. The chest pains were Torsades.

Recently, we learned that the shortness of breath was due to autonomic nervous system dysfunction where the bronchi would periodically constrict for no apparent reason. Extensive lung exams, nuclear, COPD tests, and bronchoscopy were all normal. The ANS dysfunction also causes other strange problems like inability to regulate body temperature, hypostatic intolerance and a plethora of other strange problems which took years before my electrophysiologist and neurologist diagnosed that problem through extensive tests. My relatives have a plethora of weird medical problems in addition to the ones I have mentioned. My son, who is in his 30's also has all the same problems. Since this website is focused on Torsades, I won't muddy the water by adding this info to the site, but you can imagine the headaches our physicians have to go through in diagnosing the problems. It takes a very special doctor to stick with it.

Cardiac Stress tests before and after the 5/5/2001 Torsades sudden cardiac death
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8/1992 7/2000 11/2000 5/11/2001
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